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Monday, 06 July 2020 03:00

Urban myths about solar water heaters

Solar water heaters utilize the inexhaustible solar energy in an ideal way, with the result that the production of domestic hot water is free. They are a low-cost investment, as the average payback period is three years, while replacing other forms of energy that are harmful to the environment. An ecological and at the same time economic solution, they are a classic choice of Greek households.

Inevitably, as with any other technological advancement, some urban myths have been formed over the years that are not really true. Below are three basic misconceptions about solar water heaters, but also the relevant answer of our experts.


Myth # 1: Solar water heaters do not work when it is cold.
Truth: The supply of hot water from your solar water heater will not be interrupted on days when it has low temperatures!

Do you want to install a solar water heater but are you afraid it will not work on cold winter days? The hot water supply will not be interrupted on days with low temperatures. This is achieved by the use of antifreeze (water solution and propylene glycol), which is in the closed circuit of the solar system in the appropriate proportion and depending on the area in which the system is placed. Conclusion; You have nothing to fear.

Myth # 2: Solar water heaters cannot heat water when it is relatively cloudy.
Truth: They can heat it, but also store a quantity of water from the previous day!

We live in a country that offers us plenty of sun, but what about the hazy days of the year? Will the solar system work if it is cloudy? Advances in technology around solar energy allow water heaters to be more sensitive to low sunshine conditions than in the past, even with relative cloud cover. The only way they will not perform at all is to have full and continuous cloud cover. However, the days with limited sunshine in Greece are very few and the solar water heaters are designed so that they can store hot water for the next few days. This means that if the day before it was sunny and you did not consume the entire amount of water, then most likely you will have the next one thanks to the strong polyurethane insulation.

Myth # 3. A solar water heating system does not require any maintenance.
Truth: The system must be maintained!

The materials of the water heater are not made to live forever, but they are definitely made to last for many years. This is achieved by maintaining them every two years, as the high yields of the collectors wear out the container in the long run and reduce the average life time. The internal cleaning of the container, the change of the magnesium anodes, as well as the filling of the antifreeze liquid will ensure the longevity of your system. It is also a basic condition for the validity of the guarantee.
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