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Sunday, 12 April 2020 03:00

Energy Signage: Mandatory for every solar water heater!

With environmental awareness now being developed in the majority of the world, energy labeling was a natural consequence, with its inclusion in various categories of home appliances being considered an obligation of the manufacturers, in order to inform it as fully as possible. buying public.

But what is energy signaling and why is it important and necessary to have it in your solar water heater?

Energy signage: Its history
Energy labeling was introduced in the European Union with the adoption of Directive 92/75 / 22.09.92. As far as Greece is concerned, its implementation took place with the issuance of Presidential Decree 180/1994, which set the general legal framework for the application of energy labeling in household appliances.

Over the years, a number of Joint Ministerial Decisions have been issued for the application of energy labeling in various categories of household appliances, including the solar water heater.

From 26/09/2015, the directive for the mandatory indication of the Energy Labeling of products entered into force. In the case of solar water heaters, the energy label is indicated by a label on the packaging of the water storage tank, which must indicate, in addition to the energy class of the tank, the following information:

the fixed losses
its storage volume.
Why energy signaling is important
Energy labeling, in essence, reflects the environmental impact of the use of energy-related products, with the ultimate goal of informing the consumer about the relationship between consumption and performance.

There are, in total, seven energy classes from A to G, with A having the best efficiency, and therefore the most economical operation, and G corresponding to inefficient devices. With the new marking system, up to 3 additional classes can be used (A +, A ++, and A +++).

It is important to emphasize that we should aim at selecting appliances as high energy class as possible as this saves energy, which leads to a reduction in electricity bills and contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which are responsible for a large percentage for the greenhouse effect and the forthcoming climate change.

Finally, all products under energy labeling should include labels that reflect their energy consumption in such a way that it is possible to compare with similar devices and models of the same or another company.

Purpose of Energy Signaling
The purpose of energy labeling is to turn consumers to more energy efficient appliances as well as to avoid preferring similar appliances with higher energy consumption. In essence, this is a process of promoting companies that comply with the rules and show their environmentally friendly face in practice.

Therefore, less efficient and unlabeled devices will be withdrawn…

If you are in the process of researching to buy a solar water heater, make sure that the products you are considering have the correct energy label. Through this research, you will be able to make comparisons with our respective products, so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

However, if you have more questions about energy labeling, you can always contact us. Our staff will be available to let you know what you need.

Until then, we continue to enjoy the sun and its beneficial properties!

Source: www.nobel.gr