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Friday, 12 June 2020 03:00

Environment & Energy

Nowadays, the necessity for the production and saving of energy, without at the same time polluting the environment, has become conscious. The planet's conventional energy reserves are shrinking threateningly as our culture's energy demands grow by polluting and disturbing the climate balance.

Renewable energy sources promise to find a solution to the energy problem, helping to reduce pollution. Gradually, global legislation is changing, encouraging (even enforcing) the use of alternative energy products, so that there is energy coverage without disturbing the environment. Solar and photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and many other energy-efficient products, come to compose the ecological home of the immediate future.



Solar systems are an ecological proposal and an energy efficient solution, combining high efficiency, autonomy, aesthetics, ease of installation and saving money. They are made of excellent materials, according to international standards, and have all the certificates and test sheets that confirm their quality.


These are highly aesthetic systems that are installed simply and quickly, harmoniously matching the traditional or modern architecture of the buildings, ensuring hot water almost all year round. Even in areas with low sunshine, they ensure the warming of the water, which drastically contributes to the reduction of conventional energy consumption.