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Friday, 12 May 2017 03:00

Modern Bathroom Tiles: Designs and Combinations to Renew Your Bathroom!

Is it time to renovate your bathroom? If so, start with the tiles! Bathroom tiles are the main decoration of your bathroom, on which you will rely to choose the appropriate furniture and decorations. As you can see, the choice of bathroom tiles is a very important decision. Therefore, before you get the tiles that you will place in your bathroom, you should know what options you have and what combinations you can make.

Do you want to renovate your bathroom space and are you looking for new designs for modern bathroom tiles? In this article we have gathered all the trends of the time for modern bathroom tiles, so you can get ideas and choose the designs and combinations that best suit your personal style.


1. Modern bathroom tiles: Listello tile designs
Listello embossed tiles are a trend in the bathroom. They are available in many colors on the market and are the ideal choice in designs with modern bathroom tiles. In this bathroom, listello tiles have been installed, perpendicular to the shower area. Tiled tiles have been chosen on the floor, to complete the scene and to give an extra finesse to the space. The trend in modern bathroom tiles requires the placement of different designs on tiles, so that it becomes a mix & match.


2. Modern bathroom tiles: Designs with subway and black and white tiles
Subway tiles are a trend that has come to stay. Lately they have gained a lot of supporters and are starting to consolidate their position in the best options for modern tiles and designs. In the example of the photo, black subway tiles have been chosen for the bathtub area and white subway tiles for the wall, creating a beautiful marriage. A black and white pattern has been placed on the floor, which gives a retro feeling to the space.


3. Modern bathroom tiles: Marble designs
Marble is a timeless choice for bathroom tiles. Marble tiles can uniquely highlight the space and offer an air of luxury. They are usually rejected as a bathroom investment proposal because they are a more expensive solution. However, if you like visually, you can choose to install marble tiles in your bathroom. Marble type tiles look like marble and are available in a wide variety on the market, at cheaper prices. If you choose marble, you must keep in mind that you need to polish marble with professional means, at least every 2-3 years. Do not worry, however, because our professionals are ready to serve you at the most economical price!


4. Modern bathroom tiles: Mosaic designs
Tiles are another trend we often see in modern bathrooms. In this successful example, the tiles have been lined along the entire length of the walls, while glossy white tiles have been placed on the floor. There are many ways to place tiles in the space and highlight the decoration in your bathroom. You do not need to invest the tiles along the entire length of the wall, to have a beautiful result. You can only place tiles in the shower or bathtub area or in the sink area. Also, you can place tiles only on one of the 4 walls of your bathroom. In the other 3 walls you can line tiles of the same color palette or not put at all.


5. Modern bathroom tiles: Designs with color change
An alternative idea to renew the look of the bathroom and break the monotony, is to use different shades of the same color palette. For example, as you can see in the photo, dark tiles have been placed on the left wall and light colors on the central one. To break the monotony, long narrow tiles of light gray shades in geometric patterns have been placed on the right side of the shower.


6. Modern bathroom tiles: Designs with hexagonal tile
Another trend in the designs for modern bathroom tiles is the hexagonal tile. The hexagonal tile has been used a lot lately, as it offers a different look to the bathroom. In our example, hexagonal tiles have been placed on the floor, while the walls have been covered with gray matte tiles. Hexagonal tiles can be combined in various shades and designs, so you should be open minded in choosing combinations.


7. Modern bathroom tiles: Designs with tile scales
Tile scales are another trend of the season for the bathroom space. They can be placed either on the wall or on the bathroom floor, achieving exactly the same impressive result. In the bathroom of the photo, the tile scales have been placed on the wall, while the floor has been lined with elongated tiles in geometric patterns. If you decide to install tile scales in your bathroom, we recommend that you combine them with long and narrow tiles or with regular tiles. The combination of tiles is the best choice, to have a more impressive result and to break the monotony in the space.


Source: www.douleutaras.gr